PJHS Office and Administration

Administrator Title Email Phone
Renee Semik Principal 778.4724
Steff Schaeffer Asst. Principal 778.4724
Ninotchka Horwitz

Counselor A-K
Grades 7&8

Sheri Leigh Counselor L-Z
Grades 7&8
Joe Luchok Student Advisor 778.7424
Nina Ryan School Secretary 778.4724
Susan Stockham Attendance Clerk/Registrar 778-4726
Veronica Leach Account Clerk 778-4724
TBA Clerk Typist 778-4724
TBA School Nurse 778.4724




Hello PJHS Community; I am excited to be joining your team!

Although I taught from kindergarten to 12th grade in over thirteen years as a classroom teacher, I was fortunate to spend eight of those years in 7th and 8th grades, where I am happiest. After earning my administrative credential, I left the classroom two years ago to become the principal of the school where I began my teaching career.  I love being a school administrator, but I missed the extensive day-to-day interactions with students I had enjoyed so much in the classroom.  I decided that an assistant principal position would be better suited to my interests and talents, so I am looking forward to working with PJHS’s students and families.  Please be sure to stop by and give me a chance to begin to get to know you; my door is always open!


Hola comunidad de PJHS; estoy emocionada de unirme a su equipo!

Aunque enseñé desde kindergarten el grado 12 en más de trece años como maestra, tuve la suerte de pasar ocho de esos años en los grados 7º y 8º, donde estoy más feliz.  Después de obtener mi credencial administrativa, dejé el aula hace dos años para ser la directora de la escuela donde comencé mi carrera en educación.  Me encanta ser la administradora de la escuela, pero echaba de menos las extensas interacciones día a día con los estudiantes que había disfrutado tanto en el aula.  Decidí que una posición de asistente directora sería mejor para mis intereses y talentos, así que estoy feliz trabajar con los estudiantes y las familias de PJHS.  Por favor, asegúrese de detener y me den una oportunidad para empezar a conocerle a usted; mi puerta siempre está abierta!




The counselor plays a vital role during a child’s junior high school years.  You and your child should communicate with the counselor concerning areas such as these:

  • Promotion requirements
  • Special Education Program
  • RSP/LH
  • Family Issues
  • Peer Issues

The counselor provides additional details concerning Child Development, Progress Reports, discipline referrals, areas of deficiency, Project “GO” (group counseling offered by Petaluma People Services Center), and district or community psychological services.



Our garden grows food for the cullinary arts class!

Our Bantams help us show our spirit at games and events.

Our dancers preform at events.

Have a nice walk down the hall!


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