Petaluma Junior High School is uniquely situated on a beautiful hillside at the corner of Western Ave and Bantam Way. Student, parent, and staff safety is always our priority at P.J.H.S. Please take a moment to carefully read the information below regarding best practices for arrival and departure of students by car, bike, or walking.


By Car: Arrival

The bus circle in front of the school is One-Way. Please enter the circle on the Western Ave side. Please remember to pull as far forward as possible before letting your student depart. This will keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly. The Parent/Guest parking lot is located adjacent to Western Ave. This area is available for student arrival. Please make certain students exit the lot via the crosswalk to our main sidewalk then to the foyer in front of the school.

When arriving at Webster and Sonoma Street please park along the sidewalk before let your student depart. The student should always exercise caution and use the crosswalk located at Webster and Sonoma Streets. Students are requested to not wait on Webster or in the church parking lot for other students.

By Car: Departure

During student departure the bus circle will be marked with yellow “Bus only” signs and orange cones. The circle will be off limits to all other traffic. Parents arriving for student departure should enter the Parent/Guest parking lot and park their vehicle in an available space. Students will depart the front foyer walking up the sidewalk to the crosswalk that takes them to the Parent/Guest lot. Parents and students may depart the parking lot ONLY after buses leave and staff removes bus signs and cones. Please be patient and allow 10 to 15 minutes for this safety measure.

Parents waiting for students departing school on Webster Street are asked to park in available spaces (on Webster or Sonoma streets) and wait for their student to arrive. Students waiting for parent pick up are asked to wait at the bottom of the hill adjacent to the Webster Street sidewalk, or on the sidewalk directly in front of the church.

In the interest of student safety, Parents are asked to NOT drive into the church parking lot (or toward the lower field) at anytime before or during student departure. NO unauthorized vehicles are permitted in these areas while school is in session.

In the interest of SAFETY the following are considered “UNSAFE”

  • Student arrival or departure in staff parking lot
  • Student arrival or departure in the middle of the road on Bantam Way or bus circle
  • Student arrival or departure on Hilligoss Ave
  • Student arrival or departure in or around the rear loading dock area of the school



By Schoolbus

Students are expected to follow all school rules and protocol while traveling to and from school on a District provided bus. Please visit the links below for complete rules and expectations of students who ride on a P.C.S. bus.


By City Bus

Please visit the link below to read the rules and expectations o students riding the city bus.


Please visit the link below for general Petaluma City Bus information:



By Foot

Arriving at P.J.H.S. there are two points of entry for students who walk to school each day. Students arriving in front of the school should always enter campus via the foyer and remain in the main courtyard until the first class bell rings. Students arriving via the Webster Street entrance are requested to walk up the asphalt path directly to the main courtyard until the first bell rings. Do not cross field to the blacktop, or cross the blacktop to the PE stairs. This area is off limits before the bell.

Students departing the campus in front of the school will leave via the main foyer and use sidewalks to reach Bantam Way. Students departing via Webster Street must walk down the asphalt path.

Students may NEVER cross the lower field when arriving or departing P.J.H.S.

It is strongly suggested that students arriving or departing campus should NOT walk along Western Ave.


By Bike or Board

Students arriving by bicycle in front of the school are requested to WALK their bike down the sidewalk in the bus circle to the foyer. Bikes must be immediately walked to the bike rack adjacent to the courtyard and locked up. Students arriving on Webster Street must WALK their bikes up the path to the bike rack and lock it up. Students departing the campus should (reverse the procedure) walk their bikes off campus, up sidewalk in front of school, or down the path all the way to Webster Street.

SKATEBOARDS should be carried at all times during arrival or departure. Students must lock their skateboards to the rack upon arrival; they may not be stored in any other location on campus. Skateboards may never be ridden anywhere on campus.

Please do NOT use the bike rack at the bottom of the hill by the new baseball diamond. During the school days that area has little supevision and many bikes have been stolen or vandalized. Park bikes only up in the courtyard where they will be much safer.


Waiting After School

Again, in the interest of safety, unless a student is attending an after school activity; all students must depart the campus at the end of the school day.

After 3:00 (??? on Wednesday) any students waiting for parents must wait in the Foyer. Students will not be allowed to wait for parents in the courtyard, hallways, parent parking lot, in front of the staff parking lot or on HIlligoss Court.


Our garden grows food for the cullinary arts class!

Our Bantams help us show our spirit at games and events.

Our dancers preform at events.

Have a nice walk down the hall!


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